5 May 2015

Organizing Your Self-Storage Unit

Spring time is upon us and as always the first thing that comes to our minds is the dreadful winter clean up. Whether it may be in or out doors, we always like to start the spring/summer with a clean [...]

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17 April 2015

Blue Jays Home Opener!

This past monday our Toronto Blue Jays opened their door for their first game of the season! Toronto takes pride in their home teams and the stadium was filled with blue, white and red. With home opener towels they were [...]

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16 April 2015

Ten Tips for Loading your Storage Container

Please do not overload your container. Each container can hold no more than 2000 pounds. Any heavier and our drivers cannot safely pick up the container. Balance your load by evenly distributing items such as appliances & heavy furniture in [...]

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