11 February 2015

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and ever since I was young this day has been very special to me. I grew up knowing that Valentine’s Day is the day of love, the day of passion and the day [...]

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10 October 2013

Cheap Self Storage: Not for Pets

Would you believe some folks have tried to put their pets in cheap self storage units when they were going on vacation? As Toronto’s premier self storage facility, we handle a lot of unusual customer requests, but we draw the [...]

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2 February 2011

Hal Spradling in The National Post

Check out what Hal Spradling had to say about Self Storage Auctions and the effects shows like “Storage Wars” and “Auction Kings” has had on the Self Storage Industry in the National Post Online. Go to: www.nationalpost.com/rush+stuff/4148969/story.html

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