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Hello, my name is Hal. I have been designing, building, and managing self storage in Canada, USA and other countries for over 35 years. I am the managing partner of All Canadian Self Storage, the leading Self Storage, Mini Storage in Toronto and the GTA.

The profile of the business owner is one of very good to very, very bad. The reason for this is that most storage facilities are owned by independent operators. Most of these lack the knowledge and standards offered by corporate ownership. That is not to say that some owners operating 1-4 facilities in the GTA are not on top of self storage in their area. Our surveys (1986-2013) of Toronto self storage, mini storage users reveal that first time renters make up 50% of the customers.

My experience in hands on construction (labour/design) unit mix has enabled me to offer a higher level of design, management, and customer satisfaction. I can offer 4 tips to people seeking self storage anywhere.

  • Visit the facility!
  • Visit the online reviews.
  • Be wary of discounts.
  • Ask questions!

Does the Facility Offer the Following?

  • Keypad entrance code.
  • Security monitoring 24 hrs.
  • Fire alarm and sprinkler system monitoring 24 hrs.
  • Payment term month or 28 days? The 28 day/4 week term is used by some facilities in the G.T.A. It is confusing (each month the rent is due on a different day of the month) It is perceived by many as a scheme/illusion to reflect a less expensive rental rate.
  • Administration Fees
  • Deposit
  • 24-hour accessible
  • Heated
  • Is there a contracted pest control service
  • moth protection