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Rental Rates for Self-Storage

The cost of self-storage rentals are similar to the cost to rent hotels and motels, that is, based on supply and demand and level of service. The average unit size in North America is 10’ x 10’. This unit in the Toronto core will cost between $190-$395 a month, in Mississauga this unit will cost $195-$260, and in Oakville this unit is $180-$240 a month. The hotel, motel cost for the above areas are parallel to self-storage cost. It is a given that most self-storage users choose a location close to their home or business. Talk to our staff about rates and locations. Because of our mobile and out of core locations, we can offer better rates and options to save time, labour and money. All Canadian Self Storage rates are always at or below average.

Self-storage, like hotels and motels may offer many advantages or disadvantages! BEWARE OF DISCOUNTS! The discount today may cost you later. If a company has a quality, in demand service or product, there is no need to discount. All Canadian Self Storage does not discount. All Canadian Self Storage staff are trained to consult users and recommend the unit size best suited to their needs. Because of our volume of renters we are never trying to max size for users. A direct reflection of this high volume is All Canadian Self Storage Google Reviews. Because of our staff, rent rates, building design and rental policies, we are the most reviewed self-storage in Canada. Check Us Out!

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Why is All Canadian Self Storage the most reviewed self-storage in Canada?

  • Building design that allows users to drive into(through the building) and park in front of or near their units.
  • Prorate all rent payments to the day of move in/move out. Note:many companies will not refund unused rent without notice. All Canadian Self Storage thinks this is user abuse.
  • Rental rate payment per month, not 28 days (4 week period). All Canadian Self Storage feels that this is a confusing and deceptive practice.
  • Staff that are caring and trained to help users find the best price and storage options.
  • All Canadian Self Storage cares about their users and neighbours. We support more charities than all of the self-storage in Toronto combined!
  • All Canadian Self Storage offers U-Haul trucks and equipment at all locations.
  • All Canadian Self Storage offers a comprehensive inventory of moving and packing supplies.
  • Access 24/7
  • Fire security monitored 24 hr.
  • Security monitored 24 hr
  • Twice a month inspection for pest control.
  • Receiving and shipping can be serviced by staff

Most self-storage users call All Canadian Self Storage first and we are the answer!